Projects – 2021

With the generous support from the Brunswick Public Foundation, four conservation projects were funded for 2021.

Learn about the projects funded in 2020.

Moore’s Creek Submersed Aquatic Vegetation Restoration

The Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida was awarded $10,000 for a project to plant submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) in Moore’s Creek, a tributary to the Indian River Lagoon in Ft. Pierce, Florida.

The lagoon suffers from extensive loss of seagrass, an important fish community nursery habitat. Planting SAV within Moore’s Creek will provide a natural filter that will help to remove nutrients and sediment from the water before it enters the lagoon.

As of March 10, 2021 all budgeted components of this project have been completed. St Lucie County, FWC and volunteers will be monitoring the plantings and keeping exclosures clean until exclosures are moved to a new planting area.

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Statewide Lake Habitat Rehabilitation and Clean Waters initiative

The Tennessee Bass Nation of Winchester, Tennessee was awarded $15,000 for a lake habitat rehabilitation project in multiple water bodies in Tennessee.

Lake cleanup efforts involving local volunteers and Tennessee BASS Nation High School Teams will pick up shoreline trash. Expected results will be to install and refurbish 800 to 900 stakes beds, construct 200 to 250 deep water artificial habitat structures, gather and sink 2,000 Christmas Trees and conduct lake cleanups removing not less than 100 tons of trash from five lakes – Tims Ford, Normandy and Woods Reservoirs, Kentucky Lake and Percy Priest Lake.

Cady Creek Brook Trout Habitat Improvement Project

The Kiap-TU-Wish Chapter of Trout Unlimited of Prescott, Wisconsin was awarded $15,000 for a stream restoration effort on a 1,750ft section of Cady Creek.

Cady Creek, home to a genetically native and diverse brook trout population, is one of the last remaining native brook trout streams in Pierce County. The project site suffered from severe bank erosion, sedimentation and subsequent habitat degradation. Kiap-TU-Wish volunteers and heavy equipment operators from the Wisconsin DNR will grade banks and install rock to decrease erosion and narrow the stream channel to a more original state.

Michigan United Conservation Clubs‘ On the Water Program

The Michigan United Conservation Clubs of Lansing, Michigan was awarded $10,000 to support their On the Water (OTW) program that connects volunteers around Michigan for projects such as litter clean-up days and invasive species removal projects. The OTW has conducted 19 projects throughout the state.

Specifically, funds would be used to partner with groups in two communities for invasive species and trash removal, water enhancement, fish habitat structure building and other projects.